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TomTom Sports Blog: Your new source for sports and fitness inspiration

Jun 21, 2017


Amsterdam, 21 June 2017 – The new TomTom Sports Blog, launches today. The new blog helps to get people going on their fitness journey, whether they are looking for motivation to just start out, whether they need inspiration to keep going or whether they crave insights that help them better at their sport. The new TomTom Sports blog aspires to break down mental barriers, and help people at any fitness level to get going.

“The blog will debunk fitness and sports myths, smash through barriers and make it easier to get going. The TomTom Sports blog is for people at every stage of the fitness journey, and with it we aim to knock sports off its pedestal and make it accessible again,” comments Patrick Stal, VP of Marketing Communications at TomTom.

The blog will include tips and tricks, in-depth features, interviews with athletes and scientists and many more quick-dips and deep-dives into the world of health, fitness, sports and active pastimes.