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TomTom historical traffic database selected by Government of Basque Country to improve road networks in Spain

Mar 30, 2012


Intertraffic, Amsterdam, 30 March 2012 – TomTom today announces an agreement with the government of Basque Country whereby evaluation of traffic conditions in the region will be possible through use of the Custom Travel Times product. TomTom can help improve traffic flow in the highly traveled region that serves as a link between the northwest and centre of Spain and the rest of Europe by leveraging its anonymous historical traffic database of more than 5 trillion data points. By delivering travel time and speed data for any time of day and day of week from 2008, TomTom enables cost effective analysis that ultimately leads to a better understanding of where improvements in the road network can be achieved.

"We believe that our historical traffic data offers both an accurate and cost effective alternative to traditional traffic evaluation tools and look forward to helping the Basque Country optimize their traffic flow," said Nuno Campos, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for TomTom Licensing. "Securing a deal with the government of Basque Country is an important step toward developing further credibility in the government market across Europe."

"At the Basque Country government offices, our goal is to continually improve the quality of life for our citizens,"
said Ignacio Eguiara, head of Traffic Investigation Area of the Basque Country Government. "TomTom Custom Travel Times has enabled us to conduct before and after analyses to determine the most beneficial steps to improve road safety, reduce traffic congestion and promote a better driving experience in our region."

The government of Basque Country will use TomTom Custom Travel Times to conduct a before and after evaluation to ensure the installation of calming traffic elements, as traffic lights, roundabouts or speed bumps have successfully slowed traffic down to a safe speed and constant flow in urban zones. Additionally, the government uses TomTom's analysis to evaluate traffic flow for reversible lanes, determining which direction needs the extra lane during peak travel times (e.g. during the weekends).