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Financial Reporting FAQ

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When does TomTom report its financial results?

Please see the financial calendar page.

What is TomTom's fiscal year?

TomTom's fiscal year runs from 1 January to 31 December.

Where can I find TomTom's financial results?

An overview of TomTom’s financial results can be found on our Quarterly results page.

Can I view the Annual Report online?

The Annual Report can be viewed on our Annual reports page.

Where can I get a hard copy of TomTom's annual report?

We did not print the Annual report in bulk. We encourage people to use the viewer friendly digital version that you can find on our Annual reports page, which will help us to minimise the impact on the environment.

Who is TomTom's independent auditor?

TomTom's independent auditor is Ernst & Young.

When is TomTom in closed period?

From the first day of the quarter until the publication of our quarterly results, the company is in a closed period. During this time we do not engage in discussions with analysts, investors and financial journalists or make presentations at investor conferences.