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Shareholder Information


On 19 September 2017, TomTom (TOM2) announced the start of its share buyback programme to repurchase ordinary TomTom shares on Euronext Amsterdam for an amount up to €50 million. TomTom will use the shares to cover its commitments arising from its stock option and share plans.

The share buyback programme will ultimately end on 29 December 2017, unless the maximum number of 5,384,450 shares has been repurchased prior to that date. In that case the programme will end on the date on which this maximum is reached and the early termination will be disclosed.

The programme will be executed by an intermediary to allow for share buybacks in the open market during both open and closed periods. The programme will be executed within the limits of relevant laws and regulations and the existing authority granted at the Annual General Meeting on 24 April 2017.

TomTom will update the market on the progress of the share buyback programme in weekly press releases. All transactions will be published on this website on a weekly basis.




Weekly Summary  
Period Total shares repurchased Average purchase price Total consideration
19 - 22 September 2017 214,247 € 9.263726 € 1,984,725
25 - 29 September 2017 449,550 € 9.189337 € 4,131,067
02 - 06 October 2017 255,950 € 9.351742 € 2,393,578
09 - 13 October 2017 327,975 € 9.338551 € 3,062,811


Press Releases

Please visit our press releases page for all press releases related to this share buyback programme.


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