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TomTom Speed Cameras now available for third party integration

Sep 11, 2013

Frankfurt, IAA, 11 September 2013TomTom today announces that its Speed Cameras service is now available for integration into third-party connected navigation solutions. This will allow vehicle, hardware and software manufacturers to enhance their own navigation offerings with TomTom’s Speed Cameras service.

The TomTom Speed Cameras service uses OpenLR technology, enabling it to work seamlessly on maps from any manufacturer. The service is designed to be easily integrated into connected in-dash navigation devices and mobile navigation applications. TomTom will deliver the service directly as a hosted service, or via a bulk feed.

“By incorporating the TomTom Speed Cameras service into their navigation devices, manufacturers can enrich the products they offer to their consumers,” says Charles Cautley, Managing Director for the TomTom AEG division. “Making the service available to more drivers worldwide will have a collective effect too; the bigger our community, the better the service will become for all our subscribers in the long term.”

The service is fully compliant with local transport legislation, including French Danger and Risk Zones. It offers broad geographic coverage and uses a wealth of reliable data sources to offer fresh and accurate updates to users. With reliable alerts for fixed and mobile speed camera locations, drivers can enjoy safer, more relaxed driving and avoid fines.

The TomTom Speed Cameras service is currently available to manufacturers for testing in all 40 countries where the service is functional. To learn more, visit Hall 4.1, Stand D-28 at the IAA Frankfurt Motor Show.

About TomTom Speed Cameras

The service provides both fixed and mobile alerts to help drivers stay safe and relaxed, and avoid costly speeding fines.

Fixed alerts are relatively permanent and linked to a fixed location. These are:

  • Fixed speed cameras
  • Red light cameras
  • Red light speed cameras
  • Restricted area cameras
  • Average speed zones
  • Speed enforcement zones
  • Accident black spots
  • Danger Zones (only in France)
  • Mobile camera hotspots

Mobile alerts are relatively transient in nature. These are:

  • Mobile speed cameras
  • Risk Zones (only in France)

The TomTom Speed Camera service is based on governmental sources, news feeds, field surveys, and third-party sources in selected countries. It’s also based on community input from more than 3.5 million TomTom users around the world. Camera reports, confirmations and removals are processed automatically by our sophisticated Fusion Engine, which runs 24/7, every day of the year. The real-time processing of over one million reports per month ensures that the TomTom Speed Cameras content is always up-to-date.