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TomTom reports second quarter 2017 results

Jul 19, 2017
Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 19 July 2017 7.15 AM


Financial summary Q2 '17

  • Revenue of €253 million (Q2 '16: €265 million)
  • Gross margin of 63% (Q2 '16: 55%)
  • EBITDA of €45 million (Q2 '16: €44 million)
  • Non-cash impairment charge on the entire goodwill of the Consumer segment of €169 million
  • Net result of -€160 million (Q2 '16: €12 million)
  • Adjusted EPS1 of €0.09 (Q2 '16: €0.10)
  • Net cash position of €82 million (Q2 '16: €58 million)

Operational summary Q2 '17

  • TomTom High Definition (HD) map coverage expanded to all motorways in Western Europe
  • TomTom Traffic service expanded to 64 countries from 54 countries
  • TomTom and Baidu have joined forces to develop global HD maps
  • Collaboration with Bosch announced to create first radar localisation map layer
  • Telematics passes milestone of 750,000 subscribed vehicles

New share buy-back program

TomTom intends to repurchase ordinary TomTom shares for an amount up to €50 million, representing 2.5% of total issued share capital.2

Outlook 2017

Full year revenue outlook updated; we now expect to deliver full year revenue around the lower end of our guidance of between €925 million and €950 million.

Outlook for adjusted EPS1 of around €0.25 is unchanged.

Key figures


Change percentages and totals calculated before rounding.

This report includes the following non-GAAP measures: gross margin, EBIT (margin), EBITDA (margin), adjusted net result, adjusted EPS and net cash, which are further explained on page 21 of this report.

1 Earnings per fully diluted share count adjusted for acquisition-related expenses & gains and material restructuring costs on a post-tax basis.

2 Based on the closing price of TomTom (TOM2) share on Euronext Amsterdam on 18 July 2017 of €8.72.


TomTom's Chief Executive Officer, Harold Goddijn

“Our strategy is to build on our navigation technologies to provide location-based content, software, and services to business customers, with high margins and recurring income. Combined Automotive, Licensing and Telematics revenue grew by 18% year on year in the quarter, ahead of expectations.”


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