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TomTom opens its new state-of-the-art office in Łódź

Nov 21, 2016
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Harold Goddijn, CEO of TomTom; President Zdanowska, Mayor of Łódź; Alain De Taeye, Management Board Member of TomTom; Krzysztof Miksa, TomTom and Engineering Director in Łódź cut the ribbon to open TomTom's new office in Łódź, Poland.


Łódź, Poland, 21st November 2016 –TomTom (TOM2) today announced the official opening of its brand new office in Łódź, to accommodate its growing engineering unit. The Polish city is a strategic map making and location technology engineering hub for TomTom globally.

The official opening took place at the new office building Agraf B, located on the Stefan Żeromski 94c Street. The event was attended by the authorities of the city, media and TomTom employees who had the opportunity to learn more about the technology and products which are developed by TomTom engineers in Łódź.

The opening of the new office signifies the importance of the growing Łódź engineering site to TomTom, which is at the forefront of developing the technology needed to make smarter cities and autonomous driving a reality. The Łódź team, working closely together with other TomTom engineering hubs globally, produces technology for gathering sensor data for map production, (automated) tools to process the data and our proprietary transactional map database production platform. The teams in Łódź work on location-based services, navigation and some important components for autonomous driving, such as RoadDNA and HD Map and recently created the new TomTom City portal that provides real time traffic information for over 100 cities.

“Today’s opening of the new office in Łódź is a clear indication of how important this engineering hub is for TomTom. We believe that our new office will inspire our experts even more to expand their fantastic work, developing technology and location based services, crucial to map making, navigation & autonomous driving”- says Alain De Taeye, Member of the TomTom Management Board.

The TomTom team in Łódź consists of highly qualified engineers, developers and coders with a variety of backgrounds in subjects such as information technology, geodesy and linguistics.

“Our company offers unique opportunities. We have an open and innovative culture. Our employees are empowered to create original technological solutions, by cooperating and competing with the best specialists in the world."- says Krzysztof Miksa, Engineering Director, TomTom Poland.“We are working on solutions which will be widely used in the future. We create software and technologies for autonomous vehicles and smarter cities. If a person is looking for an employer that focuses on creativity and enables continuous development, TomTom Łódź is the right choice.”- adds Krzysztof Miksa.

The main activities in Łódź are the development of navigation software and the development of information technology for map production. The teams in TomTom Łódź work with complex big data, as well as the development of artificial intelligence, machine learning and the automation of information processing and software production. The working environment in TomTom Łódź is multicultural, with 700 people in total currently employed, including specialists not only from Łódź, but also from Ukraine, Portugal and America.  The opening of the new office creates new job opportunities for the professionals who would like to participate in creating the technologies of the future.