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TomTom marks the first year of its traffic reduction plan with launch of International Traffic Foundation

Sep 30, 2011


Amsterdam, 30 September 2011 - A year since committing to reduce congestion for all in its Traffic Manifesto, TomTom today launches the world's first Traffic Foundation dedicated to fostering collaboration and nurturing talent in the field of traffic management.

The not-for-profit TomTom International Traffic Foundation will bring together key stakeholders from academia, industry and policy-making with the aim to help reduce traffic congestion. The Foundation will nurture talent in the field of traffic management, funding PhD and post-doctorate research, publishing research papers and hosting a number of traffic-related events.

"The launch of the TomTom International Traffic Foundation is an important step towards our goal of reducing congestion for all, as set out in our Traffic Manifesto," says Harold Goddijn, chief executive officer of TomTom. "Traffic is a universal issue that impacts the individual, business and society as a whole. The Foundation will bring together the best global thinkers to look at traffic management from every angle."

In September 2010 TomTom outlined 20 actions points that would contribute to traffic congestion reduction globally. Over the last 12 months several actions have been accomplished, including:

  • doubling the number of active TomTom HD Traffic users from more than half a million to close to 1.3 million, thus increasing the accuracy of the service and reducing journey times for all
  • increasing the global reach of TomTom HD Traffic from 8 to 22 countries, including the US and Australia
  • improving the quality and accuracy of TomTom HD Traffic with the launch of version 5.0 which now covers virtually the entire road network, ensuring drivers are always given the best route to avoid traffic congestion
  • increasing the availability and accuracy of TomTom HD Traffic by bringing the service in-dash, working with automotive and in-car entertainment partners, including Renault, Fiat, Mazda
  • reaching over 42 million people with TomTom HD Traffic information via radio, TV and online partnerships, enabling people to make a more informed choice about the best time to drive
  • making TomTom HD Traffic more accessible by giving millions of consumers across Europe the opportunity to 'trade-in' any old satnav from any brand for a new TomTom LIVE device
  • making TomTom HD Traffic available to everyone online with the launch of a TomTom live online traffic map to help drivers plan their journeys around the jams (

TomTom International Traffic Foundation
The TomTom International Traffic Foundation will fund two PhDs and two post-Doctorate research projects annually into Traffic Management and Knowledge Technology. Successful candidates will be selected on a case-by-case basis. The research topics for 2012 will be:

  • Engineering models for Traffic Management
  • Vehicle-to-vehicle or vehicle-to-server communication
  • Physics of transport and traffic

2012 will also see TomTom fund research into a topic that aligns with the EU policy on Transport: 'Creating standards in the field of road transport' at European level. This relates to the EU Directive 2010/40/EU on the framework for the deployment of Intelligent Transport Systems in the field of road transport and for interfaces with other modes of transport.

Notes for editors

  • TomTom HD Traffic combines dynamic route guidance technology with the world's most accurate traffic information. It delivers traffic updates every two minutes - which is up to seven times more frequently than rival traffic services.
  • The TomTom Traffic Manifesto was published on 30 September 2010. It outlines how TomTom drivers hold the key to reducing traffic congestion for themselves and every driver around them, because if 10% of drivers used TomTom's HD Traffic system there would be a real-time "collective effect", with roads flowing more efficiently and reduced journey times for all. For more information on the Traffic Manifesto, including TomTom's progress to date, please visit