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TomTom launches Traffic Stats API

Oct 10, 2016


ITS World Congress, Melbourne, Australia, 10 October, 2016 – TomTom (TOM2) today announced the launch of Traffic Stats API, a new service to access TomTom’s historical speed and travel time data. The new service is based on the historical and real-time travel data that TomTom collects from its community of users. This is the latest API from TomTom helping businesses and traffic managers across the world make the right traffic management decisions.

The Traffic Stats product is based on the large volume of GPS data TomTom is collecting every day for traffic analytics. With access to data from over 450 million devices*, around 742 million kilometers of driven trips are added every day, equal to 18,515 trips around the world. TomTom has recently expanded its service so that users in the United States, South Africa, Canada and India are able to benefit from extended analytics.

The web services are RESTful APIs that can easily be incorporated into traffic management and GIS applications. The Traffic Stats APIs are based on the collection of Floating Car Data (FCD), a proven and innovative method of measuring what is happening on the road. The Traffic Stats API and User Interface allows traffic experts to design their own queries on the historical GPS data and answer questions about accessibility, congestion bottlenecks and travel time stability.

Ralf-Peter Schäfer, Head of Traffic at TomTom, said: “Traffic Stats gives traffic experts relevant insight into the traffic behavior required for policy makers to make the right decisions for the future. TomTom’s significant historical and real-time data will help deliver a smarter mobility for all and will help substantially reduce traffic jams in the future.”

TomTom is publishing all API’s on the TomTom Developer Portal, where developers can find information about the different API’s TomTom has available for smart mobility. There too are API’s to display maps and traffic or routing, taking real time and historical traffic data into account.

All product information and access to the product can be found here:


Learn more by visiting booth 1910 at ITS World Congress. 

*Devices include dedicated Portable Navigation Devices, connected smartphone applications, in-dash navigation and fleet management systems.