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TomTom Introduces Next Generation Real-Time Maps on TomTom BRIDGE

Sep 28, 2016


Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 28 September 2016   TomTom [TOM2] today announced that the TomTom BRIDGE will be delivered with next-generation maps – the first TomTom device to benefit from the Navigation Data Standard (NDS) map format. In addition to new maps, the entire navigation experience will improve due to new features made available on the navigation software.

The map format, combined with improved visualisation, will allow businesses to get access to the freshest maps available. After real time traffic, TomTom is now bringing near to real time maps. Businesses will be able to configure, update and maintain their systems better, reducing downtimes whist increasing reliability – ultimately helping companies to save time and money.

The TomTom BRIDGE is a driver terminal that seamlessly connects business applications with TomTom’s core navigation technology. The new map format puts integrators fully in control of which map regions they want to install on the device, providing more control on the size of the updates.

They will also have access to more features such as being able to choose between 2D and 3D maps, which lets the user free-up space on the device; activate incremental map updates to provide changes in speed limits, direction of traffic flow, and one-way streets; and to ensure users always drive with the latest and freshest maps. More features will be provided regularly on TomTom’s BRIDGE developer portal* over the course of 2017.

Sebastien Ruffino, VP B2B Sales, TomTom, commented:  “When we introduced TomTom BRIDGE at the end of 2014, we were the first to bring an open navigation hardware platform to stimulate innovation. Today we are bringing the future of navigation into the hands of companies and integrators to help businesses gain efficiencies, and bring faster innovation to market. End users will also benefit from the state-of-the-art of navigation technology, ensuring that professional drivers will have safer, better and, ultimately, more enjoyable journeys.”







TomTom BRIDGE with the new map format is expected in Q1 2017, software pre-releases for existing customers could be available on request by end of 2016. The new map format allows users to:

  1. Choose the continent where their business is active
  2. Choose the applicable countries to their business that they need in their configuration
  3. It‘s up to users to decide whether they want to include 3D data in their product or benefit from more free disc space and faster updates
  4. Benefit from having up-to-date maps with incremental map updates for speed limit changes etc.
  5. Let their end-users experience a completely new driving experience with the new map visualization