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TomTom delivers broader and richer map coverage for business customers

Apr 17, 2012


Amsterdam, 17 April 2012 - TomTom today announces the availability of its latest map product update for automotive, government, and enterprise customers. TomTom maps now cover more than 200 countries and territories globally, with navigable coverage for 109 countries or 36 million kilometres of roads.

"TomTom prides itself on being able to deliver a high quality map with industry leading coverage," said Charles Cautley, Managing Director of TomTom Automotive & Licensing. "In addition to superior coverage and high quality, TomTom continues to exceed customer needs for the most comprehensive map content."

Some of the enhancements include:

  • Continued expansion in India with the addition of over 2,000 km of roads in 47 cities.
  • In Brazil, 64,000 km of roads with navigable coverage were added.
  • A Mobile Mapping Van initiative in Mexico resulting in more than 5,000 improvements across 900 km.
  • Focus on the Mega Manila area of the Philippines with the addition of 22,000 km of navigable coverage.
  • Continued growth in Croatia resulting in navigable coverage for 100% of the population (140,000 km).
  • The introduction of a MultiNet map for Namibia and Botswana. This includes a significant number of topographic roads enabling off-road navigation.

In addition to extending coverage, TomTom also introduces new advanced features and enhanced content, including:

  • Points of Interest to improve search capability:

                o 43,000 in Brazil.

                o 34,000 in Vietnam.

  • Address Points enabling premium geocoding and navigation:

                o 9.6 million in North America.

                o 2.5 million in APAC.

                o 10,000 in Europe.

  • Map Display products for advanced visualisation:

               o 130 new 3D Landmarks in North America, including 17 stadiums.

               o 88 new 3D Landmarks in India.

               o 7 new 2D City Maps in APAC and Europe.

The latest release of the TomTom map portfolio is available for automotive, enterprise, and government customers today.