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TomTom CURFER launched to help motorists improve their driving style

Nov 3, 2015

Amsterdam, 3 November 2015 – TomTom Telematics has announced the launch of TomTom CURFER, a smart connected car solution designed to give feedback to drivers on their driving style.

Consisting of a smartphone app and a small on-board diagnostics (OBD) device, TomTom CURFER is available in the UK and Germany and uses the latest developments in connected car technology from TomTom Telematics to provide drivers with visual information on how they drive. Feedback includes live and retrospective information on their braking, cornering, acceleration and idling. In addition, a detailed overview of advanced analytics and car statistics can be obtained.

Thomas Becher, VP Business Development, TomTom Telematics, said: “With the launch of TomTom CURFER, we’re able to help people to become better drivers. The CURFER app takes a novel approach to visualising and monitoring your driving data, meaning people can now show and share their driving style, and experiences, with others. Ultimately, it’s a smart solution for car enthusiasts who want to feel more connected to their vehicle.”

In addition to gaining real-time feedback, drivers can share information on their individual driving style with friends over social media networks, monitor long-term trends and earn digital badges. This allows them to compare their performance behind the wheel, and compete with one another, to achieve the best possible driving performance.

The TomTom CURFER app also includes an optional car finder tool that navigates drivers directly to their parked vehicle.

The LINK 100 OBD dongle plugs easily into a vehicle’s diagnostic port, and connects to the driver’s smartphone via Bluetooth. For vehicles with more difficult to access the diagnostic port, TomTom Telematics also offers an extension lead.

TomTom CURFER is available at www.tomtom.com/CURFER from £79.00, for both iOS and Android Smartphones.