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TomTom and GEVAS software enable cutting-edge traffic management in Frankfurt and Düsseldorf

Mar 21, 2017


Amsterdam, March 21 2017 – TomTom (TOM2) today announces that its industry-leading live traffic data has been chosen to power the traffic management centres of two more of Germany’s leading cities: Frankfurt and Düsseldorf.

Frankfurt and Düsseldorf have implemented an intelligent traffic control system, developed by Munich-based GEVAS software within their Traffic Management Centres, which supplements existing road sensor information with TomTom’s detailed live traffic data for an enhanced view of the cities’ traffic flows.

“TomTom is on a mission to reduce traffic congestion and transform mobility across the world,” said Anders Truelsen, Managing Director of TomTom’s Licensing Business Unit. “We provide our data and expertise to cities and traffic managers in innovative and easy-to-use ways, supporting them in making better decisions and developing smarter applications.”

“We are pleased that the citizens of Frankfurt and Düsseldorf will now experience improved traffic conditions thanks to the addition of live traffic data from TomTom,” said Michael Neuner, Head of Sales at GEVAS software. “Our expertise in delivering modern traffic management solutions and TomTom’s live traffic data will help to keep traffic flowing.”

By optimising the efficiency of their road networks and proactively addressing sources of traffic congestion, modern ‘Smart Cities’ can offer a wide array of benefits to their private and commercial road users, by helping them to reduce fuel consumption, shorten travel times, benefit from smoother traffic flows, improve profitability and increase overall quality of life.

One means of achieving this is by empowering traffic authorities to identify strategic routes within their road networks, and then – for example – minimise the impact of temporary road closures or construction work by recommending alternate routes to drivers via Variable Messaging Signs or web-based communications.

With the rich live and historic insights into traffic flows and trends delivered by TomTom’s traffic data, congestion can be monitored and addressed proactively rather than only responding once a situation has been escalated.

View the cities’ implementations of traffic management via online traffic portals. Düsseldorf’s portal can be accessed here, and Frankfurt’s here. To learn more about TomTom city, view here.