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Province of North Holland and TomTom sign up to beat traffic

Nov 29, 2011


Amsterdam, 29 November 2011- The Province of North Holland owns 5,000 km of road network. To optimise this asset TomTom will provide historical congestion and flow information gathered earlier this year. This information enables the province of North Holland to make selective decisions on where to improve or expand the road network.

"By providing North Holland with granular speed and bottleneck information, the Province gains knowledge into the usage of their roads," says Maarten van Gool, Managing Director TomTom Licensing. "This information will enable optimisation of the current road network. This should lead to fewer traffic jams, less expenditure and lower CO2 emissions."

TomTom's historic traffic database (Custom Area Analysis) has 5,000,000,000,000 (5 trillion) anonymous travel data points, shared by its community of drivers since 2006. The deep insights into actual driving behaviour gained as a result are the key ingredient for smarter routing and traffic prediction. The Custom Area Analysis tool derives its information from this source to provide the Province with a unique overview of where traffic problems occur across the entire network

In addition, it also delivers a detailed understanding of what is happening on a specific route on specific times of day and specific days of week through the data provided by Custom Travel Times.