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Next-generation Sony AV Center integrates TomTom navigation

Sep 10, 2013

Frankfurt, IAA, 10 September 2013 – Sony will integrate TomTom maps and navigation into the new Sony AV Center in-dash infotainment system. Drivers will benefit from TomTom turn-by-turn navigation including IQ Routes, for the quickest routes and most accurate arrival times.

The Sony AV Center TomTom app includes a map of Western Europe and many useful navigation features. Multi-stop routes enable drivers to plan multiple stops on one route, and eco routes save drivers money on fuel. Spoken street names, Advanced Lane Guidance and easy map updates are also included.

Sony’s audiovisual expertise and TomTom navigation are an excellent combination for drivers,” says Charles Cautley, Managing Director Automotive at TomTom.  “We’re delighted to have been selected by Sony as the navigation provider for the next generation of AV Center. Drivers have a fantastic new way to experience the best navigation, while enjoying excellent sound quality and other great multimedia features.”

The Sony AV Center has a high-resolution, 6.1” / 15.5 cm WVGA screen for a brighter and clearer view of TomTom maps. In addition, the App Remote allows drivers to access their smartphone apps and content from the system’s screen.

With TomTom navigation built in, the new Sony AV Center gives drivers everything they want from in-car infotainment,” says Tomohiro Suko, General Manager at Sony Europe. “We know we can trust TomTom to provide Sony customers with a world-class navigation experience, and have been very impressed by TomTom maps and routing technology.”

The Sony AV Center XNV-KIT602 will be demonstrated at the Frankfurt IAA 2013 motor show today.


Notes for editors


Pricing and Availability

The Sony AV Center XAV-602BT will be available from October 2013 in North America and from 2014 in Europe.

The GPS module can be purchased in a bundle with the Sony AV Center, or individually as an optional accessory.


Sony AV Center XNV-KIT602 TomTom navigation features

The next-generation Sony AV Center, model XNV-KIT602, integrates TomTom navigation through a separate GPS module, XA-NV300T. The TomTom navigation app is pre-installed on the device. Maps are stored on an SD card in the GPS module.


Features of the TomTom app include:

  • Western Europe map
    Navigate door-to-door across Western Europe. Maps are stored on an SD card, so drivers don't need a data signal, or roaming, to stay on the right path.
  • Easy map updates
    Easily update the TomTom map via the system’s SD card.
  • IQ Routes
    The world's biggest database of real travel times is built in. This means that drivers get the fastest routes and the most accurate arrival times.
  • Multi-stop routes
    Drivers can plan multiple stops into one route and know their final ETA.
  • Eco routes
    These fuel-efficient routes save drivers money and reduce their impact on the environment.
  • Advanced Lane Guidance
    Clearly shows drivers which lane to take at junctions so they don't miss their turning.
  • Spoken street names
    To help drivers keep their eyes on the road, spoken instructions include street names to make turnings even clearer.
  • Optimal view
    See, and navigate, better. When driving by night, the screen's brightness will automatically dim, so drivers can keep their eyes on the road.