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Alain De Taeye Member of Management Board

Alain De Taeye

Member of Management Board

Alain De Taeye is a member of TomTom’s Management Board. Lauded as the ‘man who rocked the mapping world’, Alain graduated as engineer-architect from Ghent University, and has since dedicated his career to the digitisation of maps and routing.

Alain founded IT consultancy, Informatics & Management Consultants (I&M), which, in 1989, was integrated into the Dutch Tele Atlas group which he eventually headed. At Tele Atlas, Alain focused the firm on the digitalisation and commercialisation of geospatial content, and successfully introduced the company to the Frankfurt and Amsterdam stock exchanges.

In 2008, TomTom acquired Tele Atlas and Alain joined the Management Board. Taeye's vision and leadership at TomTom has brought consistency in the company’s geospatial content strategy, offering new dimensions and innovations including the introduction of TomTom’s High Definition map and streaming technologies for a future of autonomous driving.