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Governance at TomTom

Corporate Governance

TomTom is committed to conducting business in a transparent, ethical and accountable manner. Our corporate governance structure supports and contributes to fulfilling this commitment to all stakeholders.

Our corporate governance structure is based on the company’s Articles of Association, the requirements of the Dutch Civil Code, the Dutch Corporate Governance Code, applicable securities laws, and the rules and regulations of NYSE Euronext Amsterdam.

We continuously monitor and assess our corporate governance structure and compliance with the Corporate Governance Code and applicable laws and regulations. In order to drive governance, consistency and functional excellence throughout the company, the Management Board has established a Code of Conduct, and a set of business policies and procedures, which have been rolled out to all employees globally. Please refer to other corporate governance documents for our Code of Conduct and Open Ears Procedure.

We comply with the vast majority of the principles and best practices of the Corporate Governance Code. The deviations from this code are explained and information is provided on the reasons for doing so in our Annual Report.

In case of any substantial changes to the corporate governance structure of TomTom and its compliance with the Corporate Governance Code, the shareholders shall be informed hereof at the General Meeting.