TomTom NV
20 Dec, 2011

TomTom maps out additional 600,000 km of road through geo-expansion

~ Enables navigation and other location aware services for customers globally ~ 

Amsterdam, 20 December 2011 - TomTom today announces the availability of its latest map and enhancement product portfolio. Navigable map coverage was added in Vietnam, Cyprus and Tunisia, as well as new attribution and enhanced content, such as Address Points and Points of Interest globally. Providing nearly 36 million kilometres of navigable coverage, TomTom maps power a broad range of location aware applications and GIS solutions globally.

"Further growth in the Latin America and APAC regions, as well as the addition of coverage in new geographies, demonstrates TomTom's commitment to providing customers with a map that meets all of their location needs," said Charles Cautley, Managing Director TomTom Automotive & Licensing. "Through a hybrid approach, using both community input and traditional sources, TomTom produces the freshest and most accurate map that meets or exceeds the demands of customers in the automotive, enterprise and government markets."

The TomTom map continues to be industry leading with 35.8 million kilometers of roads, covering 109 countries and 3.6 billion people worldwide; enhancements since Q3 include:

In addition to extending coverage, TomTom also introduced new advanced features and enhanced content, including:

             o 300,000 in India

             o 100,000 in APAC region, including 21,000 in Vietnam

             o 70,000 in Africa

             o 45,000 in Russia

             o 33,000 in Brazil.

            o 1,400,000 in the United States

            o 85,000 in Malaysia

            o 64,000 in India

            o 54,000 in Thailand

            o 31,000 in Russia

            o 31,000 in Taiwan.

The 2011.12 release of the TomTom map product and enhancement product portfolio is available today.